Hi. I'm Grace.

I'm a baker. A born-and-bred Texan girl who's been in the kitchen her whole life. I cook and feed people. It's what I do.

I'm currently misplaced/transferred/transported to Southwest Louisiana, in Cajun country, one of the best places - and best kept secrets - in America. We may not have a plethora of yoga studios, Trader Joe's, Pinkberrys, or Anthropologies, but there's a magic about this place, these people, and this culture that keeps us here. I call it home.

I'm a devoted eater. A lover of the smell of coffee beans, sizzling steak fajitas, superb-quality cakes, and a really, really good veggie burger. I love almost all + any kind of food.

I'm also a writer, before and above everything else. It's like breathing to me - I can't exist without it. And this is my wee, quirky corner of the fantabulous blog world. I write about my love for nut butter; the scrumptious, sometimes fantastic yet weird recipes I dream up; my fitness forays; the joys of being the oldest of six homeschoolers; and the adventure of eating organically, locally, and healthily in a small town with a Wal-Mart.

I hope you enjoy.

Oh, and I'm also a Zumba instructor. 'Cause what's life without a little fun? :)

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at I'd love to hear from you!

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