Monday, June 4, 2012

What is This Meat In My Head?

 Peeps, something's going on.

  I can't stop thinking about meat....carnivorous visions of brisket and roast chicken are dancing in my head.

 Flank steak; buffalo burger; sizzling steak; thick, fat meatballs; succulent spinach and feta stuffed chicken; BBQ; fat, juicy, piping hot's like a Texan's dream.

Can you tell I've been reading the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook?

I was like any happy herbivore/vegetarian who's, say, pregnant and prattling along, content with black bean burgers and hummus....that is............until -


An earth-shattering, core-rocking, food-viewpoint-flipping craving.




I fully blame Ree for this.

And the unholy, tantalizing smell of bacon.

 Anyhoo. know, thought I'd let you know about this massive protein/carnivore craving currently
waltzing around in my life.


Someone help - I'm about to raid the raw pepperoni. Send PW! (And steak.)

(Source for all pics: Pioneer Woman. Recipes, in order: Bruschetta ChickenSpicy Dr. Pepper Shredded PorkBacon-Wrapped ScallopsSteakhouse PizzaSpicy Whisky BBQ Sliders.)

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