Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pics from the Weekend

How was your weekend? Ours was muy bueno....and mucho full. 

Kind bar for breakfast, chips and pico de gillo (we found a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restuarant), la rooster oven mitt for the hot plates, new #SheReadsTruth devotional: meditating on Living a Surrendered Life  {Join us - you won't regret it!}

We demolished our plates; I stuffed myself silly. So. Worth. It. We're talking made-from-scratch tortillas, y'all.

Thank heavens for Starbucks. When the dining choices on the road are McDonald's and gas stations, Sbux saves my life. 

Fruit, egg, cheese, bread, and pb = French dinner. 

Homemade zucchini + corn tortilla nachos 

A relaxing Sunday: mineral water, lunch of refried beans, corn tortilla + local veg at home {it was a Mexican food-filled weekend}, poolside bag, and view from above {a friend kindly invited us to come swim where she was staying}

Took the leap and thought pink, thanks to some encouragement from Diana.

Summer lunch: eggs, hummus, hot sauce, and sparkling water. Yes, thank you. 

Photoshoot with this girl!

Bernie in action

The crazy fans my little sisters who stalked  accompanied us

Post-photoshoot refreshment {....what can I say? She beats to her own drum}

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