Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Knowing When Enough is Enough

 I can be so tempted to spend the day being lazy, frittering my time away on FB or blogs (<------ very guilty of that anyways, hehe), but I usually end up feeling guilty. Of course, if I do, it's with good reason because I HAVE been procrastinating.

Side note: the iPhone -at least for me - is Pandora's (the Greek myth, not the music station) Box. It's very easy for me to get sucked in on apps and the Internet.

But today, I was determined to ninja-kick my to-do list, accomplish the nitty-gritty stuff I didn't want to do, and end the day with a sense of accomplishment. That meant telling myself "No" sternly when I was tempted to check my FB notifications or do the fun things before the need-to-do ones.

So instead of checking blogs, I:
-did  chores
- swept
-took out the trash
-brushed my teeth (instead of getting caught up on the web and not brushing until close to lunchtime)
-parked myself at the table and tackled the sky-high pile of graduation cards.

I wrote at least 24 and nearly lost feeling in my hand. There were several times I thought, "Mmmh, I can finish later/tomorrow," but I stopped myself. Better to get it all done in one fell swoop - and the lovely people deserved a speedy reply of thanks for their kindness. I took a break for lunch and then finally slayed the beast. And was I ever proud.

Then off to the farmer's market -after grabbing a green tea frappachino, no sweet syrup-

where I picked up some farm fresh tomatoes (!!! Been waiting months for them to be in season), cucs, zucchini, and a parsley plant.Whizzed off to Mass, caught up with a family friend, and came home. It was such a lovely day and the sun was no longer high and bright, so I went on a lovely walk for about an hour.

'Twas so nice to be alone with the thoughts in my head...very calm, relaxing, and nice and schweaty by the time I was done.

Changed into my comfy bum clothes (read: yoga pants + soft t-shirt), ate dinner, did chores, tidied up, unpacked a big box of my graduation table stuff, and got ready for bed.

Heh. Tired? Just a bit. But feeling pretty satisfied that I got nearly everything done that I needed to. And there were some fun things that I "wanted" to do that happened during the day too. :) There's still a few things to do. I could go clear my inbox, do some writing, etc.....


 I'm currently perched on my bed with my tired feet sprawled out and catching up on my fav blogs + FB - and I don't feel guilty. It feels glorious to relax and unwind, to sink into a fluffy cloud of pillows and veg out.

I think it's important to know when enough is enough, and when you need to take a little break and breathe, mentally and physically.

 Even if it's just to check Instagram.

Or eat a square of dark chocolate.

 Or treating yourself to a toasty bubble bath. Or throwing that extra pillow behind your back.

 For me, it's putting on a mellow station on Pandora (Ingrid Michaelson channel is one I'm currently loving), catching up on blogs, and curling up with a comforter and pillows.

 Take some time wherever you are, no matter how your day's gone, to accept you did enough today (even if you feel you haven't) and treat yourself by allowing yourself to relax.

Enjoy. :) Though it's barely 10 p.m., I'm fighting to stay awake. I may look 19 but I'm really 87...

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