Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finished with Finals

Happy Saturday, lovelies!

This girl is pretty happy right now because someone made it through finals. I'm officially done with my first college semester (as a high school student)! My last final was yesterday....and I celebrated with something I'd had my eye on all week.

Starbucks' new Mocha Cookie Crumble frappachino.

Chocolate whipped cream.

Be still, my mocha-loving heart.

T'was glorious.

I'm off to pick up some coffee with my sisters from our dad's store, get some groceries (what does asparagus, Greek yogurt, and goat cheese have in common? Mother's Day), and workout.

I was planning on a run or some Zumba choreography, but...

It's raining - my favorite weather, and something that always brings out my cat-like instincts to curl up - so I think I'll roll out the yoga mat instead and do a Yoga Download podcast.

Psss, go make this Strawberry Yogurt Pizza for Mother's Day!

Happy Saturday! What's your weekend plans?

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