Saturday, April 28, 2012

Three Things

1. Packing for a wedding is fun. Packing for TWO weddings? Even better.

2. I love this dress with every teensy tiny piece of my heart. And ever time I bring it out, my mother never fails to point out it looks like I have a star-shaped target on my seat. 

Thanks, Mom.

3. Will travel for almond butter. This baby's coming with me in my bag. And I also have a Justin's nut butter travel pack in my purse. Because I'm clearly going to eat half a jar in two days. ;)

4. (Because I can't resist, and I'm hungry, and it's now technically Saturday, so why not walk on the wild side...?)
 I have 6 bars of chocolate in my bedroom, 1 bar and 1 large bag of cookies containing chocolate in the freezer, 2 instantly edible bars and 1 bag of baking chocolate in my cabinet, 1 container of chocolate syrup in the fridge, 1 bag of chocolate Easter eggs, 1 package of chocolate mint Milano cookies, 2 different chocolate protein powders, and 4 different types of hot chocolate mix. Heaaaaalp.

That is all.


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