Monday, April 23, 2012

Putting the "Sun" in Sunday

Hey, heyyyy...

My precious little sisters and youngest brother made their first Communion yesterday, as did one of their little friends. So, in true homeschool fashion, the families decided to throw a party not just for them but also to celebrate seven birthdays and two baptisms of other close homeschool friends. ;)

That's just how we roll.

                                               Sweet Communion cards for the happy little ones.

Not one, not two - but THREE cakes! One for the birthday celebrants, one for the First Communion kiddos, and one for the adorable newborns!

Le petite cake for the two babies. <3

One of the little ladies of the hour.

Can't. Handle. The. Cuteness!

Schnacks (also not pictured: a towering heap of BBQ chicken, burgers, and hot dogs for the kids). Above are two cream cheese dips ----> pepper jelly on the left and cactus pear jam on the right. Delicious!

At this point, while the food was being laid out and families were arriving, one mom presented a whole wheat loaf to the hostess mom and said, "'s from Great Harvest." At which point I promptly freaked out and started shrieking...heh. What can I say? After reading Kath's blog for two years, it's hard not to get excited. She and her husband Matt own a Great Harvest (franchised bakery). Looking at their amazing breads and sweets on the computer never fails to make me hungry!

(Yours truly, scarily excited to finally taste the amazing Honey Whole Wheat I'd read and dreamed about. Verdict? Thick, doughy, hearty, and so filling. Good taste, Kath! :)

My plate, plus two small slices of Honey Whole Wheat.  And some veggies, leftover guacamole + Mexican tidbits from dinner last night, with feta and scrambled eggs that I brought from home.

Sparkly glitter flats perfect for a sunny afternoon. It was such a lovely buttercup of a day! So relaxing...

The back yard where all the kids happily ran wild, swung, played tag, etc. The main family that threw the party lives out in the country.

After enjoying lunch, I retreated outside to enjoy the shade, breeze, and kickin' back. It felt so good to not think about homework.

A lovely afternoon after a long week....of course, it had it's amusing moments. 

This is what happens when a 4 year old boy carrying a plate of cake in one hand walks by....bless his heart. Oh, well - at least the frosting goes with my shoe! ;)


  1. Thank you sooo much Grace for saying what you said on my blog, it was really sweet:) Oh and i really like both of your blogs. Love you too sis.

  2. No problem, girlie. You know I <3 forever. So proud you're blogging and pursuing your love of photography. Who'd have thought you'd end up a writer like me? ;)