Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Loving My Body

Today's intention....

I will not hate my body. I will not judge myself on my outward appearance or compare it to anyone else's. 

I will not wish to be thinner, taller, shorter, to have a long and lean frame, to be tiny and petite, to have darker hair, flaming red locks, longer hair, larger eyes, more grace, more ease, or a smoother face.

Today, I will not hate or judge myself. Today, I will love my body.

Today, I will thank it for standing straight, for carrying me through the vinyasas during yoga this morning, for resting during the night and renewing my energy, for stepping with a bounce after an invigorating class, for filling my lungs with cold, crisp air, for protecting me from the cold....for housing my soul.

 For being a living tabernacle of God.

It does so much already for me. It allows me to run and walk,

 to tango and waltz,

to jitterbug and two-step; it allows me to leap, jump for joy, to scamper, frolic, swim, hug my family and friends, (wack certain people), to do Zumba, to sit and pray; rest.

It allows me to kneel in prayer before God.

I am so blessed. I have a body that is strong, that was created in the image of God, that can do so many things.

How could I judge it? How could I wish it was different - "better"?

Just because I might want mine to look more like someone else's (the slim, tall elegant woman in the pew ahead of me at church, the girl who runs 7+ miles regularly, the person who seems effortlessly graceful and talented)...just because I wish I had theirs, does NOT mean it would be "better" for me.

I am who I am, someone once said. I have my own gifts and talents. My body, created to be original and unique, is mine. I have it for the rest of my life. Why spend every day wistfully wishing for another type?

So today, I will not hate or judge my body.

Today, I will thank it. Today, instead of listing all the things my body isn't or can't do, I will think of everything it CAN do and everything it is. Instead of allowing negativity to bring me down, I will chose positivity.

Today, and all succeeding days, I will be grateful. I will give thanks to God for the amazing body He gifted me with. 

And love myself, the way I am.

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