Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: Starting the Year Off Right

Happy New Year's Day!

 It's a brand new year full of lovely possibilities, dreams waiting to be chased, and adventures to be had.

 I went to my first official New Year's Eve party last night (we usually have a quiet celebration at home with just fam and sparkling apple juice). However, my parents and younger siblings were in Houston, buying a car (I was in a car accident and our 15 passenger van got totaled), so I headed over to one of my bestie's house.

She and her family were having a party with games and dancing. And sparkling grape juice toasts. ;)

 We rung in the new year together, and then I headed home and stayed awake for another hour or so and crashed. HARD. I woke up at 11:30  - so much for going to Mass in the morning. Oops - and started the 1st day of January with the best thing.

                                     Green Monsta!

A green monster smoothie sounded perfect. 
1 frozen banana,  ice, coconut millk, tsp. ground flaxseed, coffee granules, Tbsp. honey roasted pb, pinch of cinnamon, and a handful of spinach...that's what makes it green! 

When I first saw these on the healthy living blogs, I couldn't believe people drank these. But I finally worked up the nerve to try it  -and I loved it! I promise you can't taste the spinach; the secret's using a banana. It makes it taste so good. And I love getting in a serving of vegetables and all those nutrients first thing in the morning.

Toppings were Nature's Path cereal, mocha granola, and some more pb. Sooo good. Perfect after a late night and all that holiday party fare. 

Photographed on the patio in comfy top and my beloved yoga pants, underneath the beautiful sun. It was so relaxing this morning...very Zen. :)

So, as it's January and the stat of a new year, I've got some inspiration to help me with my goals for 2012. 

Gina, one of my favorite fitness and health bloggers, usually does an inspiration board each year with inspirational quotes and pictures; she puts them all together in one collage and hangs it where she can see it throughout the year. I love the idea (I'm a very visual person, so I love being able to see my goals). I was so excited to do this and I was pleasantly surprised and happy with how mine turned out.

The pictures aren't of the sharpest quality, but in 2012, I will...

Live in the present- I really want to improve at this. I'm a huge list maker, so I'm constantly thinking ahead , planning and worrying about the future. I want to savor the little moments in each day.

Practice more yoga- Yoga really does calm my spirit and does wonders for my flexibility, thinking, and breathing. I'm looking forward to advancing in my practice. One of my favorite quotes goes something like: "Yoga isn't like a race; it's not an achievement. It's a practice: a never-ending learning experience."

Race! :D I want to participate in races this year, to try and set a PR (personal record). Racing is so exciting!

Publish my first novel - I've been working on a young adult fantasy novel for a few years and it's my goal to finish and self-publish it before my graduation in May. I love the idea of having my *novel* sitting with my pictures at my graduation reception.

Travel to Europe and other places to relax - Senior trip!!! I've always loved England, Italy, and the rest of Europe; it's been my dream to go, so I want to celebrate the end of high school with some English accents, gelato, and croissants. :D Even if Europe doesn't work out, I want to go on vacation and do nothing but relax...

Wear more color - This is more of fashion goal. I tend to wear a lot of black (I like the color), but I want more color and vivid hues in my daily wardrobe.

Attend Foodbuzz, an annual blogger/foodie convention - Tons of food. Bloggers. Cooking demonstrations. San Francisco. Need I say more?

Build my food blog - I want to post more regularly, create new, delicious recipes, and create blog traffic.

Get back to my reading roots - I definitely don't read like I used to (I'd read while I ate, read instead of doing homework, stay up extremely late reading by my closet light), so I want to get back to my old bookwork self. Recently, blogs have made up the main portion of my reading.  

  There's one or two that are more personal which I'm keeping to myself, but in general, I want to be a hill seeker and purse the dreams that seem daunting. I also want to try to roll with the punches better instead of flipping out.

So those are my goals, or resolutions, for 2012. I'm eager to see what it brings...if it's anything like 2011, it's going to be a crazy, wonderful whirlwind of a year. Here's to the New Year and a new you. :)

 What is/are your New Year's resolution/resolutions?

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