Thursday, August 12, 2010

Swirl Me Some Mexican

Yes, finally a post in weeks! My younger brother, Michael, had my baby (camera) during his two-week trek in Virginia for Boy Scouts Jamboree, so I've been Mira-less for nearly a month - or at least, that what it feels like!

Yes, I've named my camera Mira...I was lying in bed last night thinking that I should name my camera, seeing as how I have a bronze bunny bookend named Goya (after the painter). Mira just popped into my head, so now that's her name! ;)

I've taken killer workout classes two days in a row and tonight was supposed to be a third but my mom really wanted to stay home this evening so I was fine with that and just ran 2 miles on the Wii Fit. I finished whipping up some cupcakes for Mary and Bekah, two sisters who are amazing friends and happen to work with me at Chick-fil-A - today was Mary's last day because she's heading back to college, so I baked them cupcakes!

Golden beauties with raspberry preserves in the middle, and creamy Nutella as frosting with a sprinkle of cinnamon; I topped theirs with white chocolate chips. They were so adorable and smelled divine. It looked like a cute, petite French dessert!

Dinna was simple and delish: my mom's chicken enchiladas with picante sauce and Okios Greek yogurt on top, peppered corn, and a spinach side salad with veggies, hummus, and avocado.

I also had half a slice of watermelon on the side sliced into half again.

Perfect, and just enough to make me long for green chili, tamales, and fajitas..."Mexico/Texas, my heart adores thee.."

And then I went and finished things off with this little bowl of heaven.

That would be Starbucks Hot Chocolate ice cream with the top half of a golden Nutella cupcake. Holy yum.

Off to read more River of Secrets by Shannon Hale and dream of all things ice cream... I have a problem - I'm obsessed with fro-yo (frozen yogurt)! I can't get the silky, insanely creaminess out of my mind! Haha, I made my stomach rumble last night dreaming up various frozen/sweet creations. Oh, yes, a heavy price to pay. ;)

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