Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! :D I really tried to relax, enjoy the moment and not stress about a schedule - and it worked!!

We all had a great night's sleep and slept in. I woke up and had breakfast alone, then the fam got up a little later and had red, white, and blue pancakes (strawberry, banana, blueberry).

Brekkifast was all about our country's colors! Red, White + Blue yogurt bowl!

~ 1/2 Oikos Greek yogurt
~ a handful of organic blueberries
~ 2-3 strawberries
~ handful of raspberries
~ T. Maranatha Almond butter
~ 1 t. flaxseed
~ 1 t. wheat germ
~ pinch of shredded coconut

I also had a slice of my whole wheat Blueberry Banana Bread on the side.

Later on we made hot dogs and felt chilly and rainy, so I heated up my leftover Amy's pea soup, and had a salad with baby spinach, peppers, squash, cuc, tomato, Feta cheese + hummus.

I had my chili and hot dog chopped up in my salad.

I tried a bite of stuffed eggplant that I cooked for tomorrow. Looks nasty but it was tasty, thanks to the Cajun sausage included!

I enjoyed a pear + glass of Silk milk after lunch. I nibbled on some of Angela's raw vegan cookie dough but was too full to finish.

I read Breaking Dawn with my Aunt Anabelle - she's finishing it and loving it! - I stopped to see where she was at first, then I ended up sitting on the couch next to her and reading over her shoulder.

Aunt Anabelle and my littlest sister, Hope!

My baby sisters, Fey + Hopie - although they're not babies anymore! :(

My mom convinced my Aunt Doreenie to watch Twilight because she hasn't seen any of the films, so my mom, Aunt Doreenie, and the kids watched Bella and Edward while Aunt Anabelle + I read Bella and Edward! ;)

We ended up missing the fireworks by accident- they started earlier then we thought, so we made our own firework show!! My dad pulled out a bunch of crackers/poppers and we went to down in the dark outside in our driveway. The kids had a blast. It was so much fun throwing them around and watching little sparks pop. Then we all trouped inside and sat down to a feast! aunts, my mom, and my Uncle K had spent hours slaving away on the dishes. My other uncle, Uncle R - just back from deployment -, mixed drinks for the adults. I stuck to sparkling water. ;)

I didn't take a picture of the spread...I completely forgot but I snapped a pic of my plate which had a little bit of everything!

Bbq chicken, Cajun sausage, Aunt Doreen's homemade potato salad, my quinoa veggie salad, cornbread pie, and my Uncle K's mashed potatoes which I was in charge of and put my own spin on.

I brought out the dessert afterward: chocolate brownie torte with chocolate sauce, dusted with sugar and powdered sugar + brownie cake with Cool Whip topping, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and also dusted with powdered sugar.

The Cool Whip brownie cake held together firmly while the chocolate torte was moist, crumbly, and molten-lava-like...

Uncle Rich was excited about dessert!

Mmmmmhhhhhh. We were all in heaven. I had two small slices -one of each.

I ate the perfect amount of food and felt great + satisfied, not stuffed. I had a few morsels of the Cool Whip cake + a second sliver of cornbread pie.


I'm off to bed now...absurdly five hours past my bedtime but I was determined to blog tonight, Hehehe...the kids, Aunt Doreen, and my mom are all up too - watching New Moon! We're just on a Twilight saga roll here. Good night and happy July!

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