Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Girl

God is really good...that's about all I have to say concerning the past few days. No matter how sticky life gets, out of the blue He just surprises me (and you!) with some beautiful days. Now, the past two days weren't perfect, mind you. I got mad quite a few times and snappy, there were groans uttered, things to-do put off, and time lost.

But the past two days were also really, really good! I found my new fav paor of exercise pants from Tarjay, had glorious oats after a sad, long hiatus, tasted hummus again, opened a jar of my beloved MaraNatha ab + Arrowhead Mills pb, made an awesome recipe last night, ate some raw vegan cookie dough, consumed yogurt and a chocochipbn muffin with Nutella, sweated bullets (and buckets) in step class today, and had a yummy nibble of a dish from the past. Oh, and I'm about to roll into bed by 9.

Yep, 'tis swheet. ;)

I had an apricot 2x yesterday before lunch to hold me over.

Lunch yesterday was awesome, but unfortunately I had to gulp it down because I had to rush to a docter's appointment. It involved a grill (chicken) in a whole wheat pita pocket with hummus + mustard, lettuce, tomato, and Swiss cheese. I had fruit on the side and carrot fries!! Holy yum, I love these like life itself. Tutorial coming soon!

Dinner was amazing as well - I steamed tilapia in foil with lime juice, seasonings, and EVOO (as Rachel Ray calls it). I was hit with a lightning bolt of inspiration, partly from all of Emily's mouthwatering cold salads she's been throwing together, and created a quinoa salad!

I started off the morning with a bowl of yogurt(1/2 cup?), hot blueberries, cranberry granoler, banana, strawberries and nut buttar.

- I've got to call it quits so 'nite!

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