Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Wishing You(gurt) was somehow here again..."

I really loved Sonic's frozen yogurt. I only had it once, and then when I tried to order it a second time, they no longer had it! :( It was so good: fresh bananer slices, crumbly plain granola....why Sonic? Why? I would have ordered it again and again. It was my first real taste of ordering fro-yo somewhere and I loved it so.

Tonight was definitely a frozen yogurt night. I came home from Shakespeare play practice completely wiped out. After a fresh green side salad and Ms. Kimberly's pot roast - which I twisted around into the most amaaazing sandwich - I was in need of something cold and white. But alas, no I consoled myself with a Greek yogurt cup with honey and a crumbled peanut butter chip granola bar. It was almost as good. *sigh*

Until I get the chance to make my own frozen yogurt at home, I shall trip off to bed. There's something so very delightful to be going to bed at 9. Not 9:30, 9. Very nice indeed for tired Shakespeare play directors.


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