Monday, February 1, 2010

My Birrrrrthday Month!!!

Happy February 1st, everyone! This is my birthday month - hooray! - and I'm going to try something new this year....I'm going to celebrate the whole month of my birthday. February will be my pink, happy, "loverly" month.

Today ended on a great note, after some waterworks on my part which were calmed by my dear friend Keaghan. I had all my classes at co-op which were a blast as always, especially Lit II and Biology! My Lit teacher, Miss Angela, gave me the best early birthday present: we're going to have a test, just on Romeo and Juliet quotes!!!! Romeo and Juliet is my favorite play of Shakespeare's, and I love it to death. So that just made my day, and then Luke, my fellow classmate, brought Starbucks to Biology! :D, He brought lattes for everyone, and a nonfat one for me! We also had devil's food chocolate chip cupcakes that I made, that were out of this world, if I may say so myself. :)

After co-op, we swung by Keaghan's and we got to chat for a bit and hug. Then I came home to Mass, which was beautiful, Mexican food for dinner and some time spent relaxing with music and Betty Crocker recipes. Dinner was a quasadilla on whole wheat tortilla, Mexican black bean rice, spicy hummus, some veggies, and salsa! Chased the whole thing down with a few bottles of water and am ready to roll into bed.

Feeling happy and proud, as well as comfortable and content going into February. Ran 2 miles this morning at 5:30, then came home to devour a bowl of yogurt and fruit....felt so thirsty for winter citrus!

My 17 birthday's on the 8th, so I'm feeling very excited. I feel like a new me, especially the last few months. I've made some lifestyle changes that I plan on keeping....2010, and 17, I'm ready! :)

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