Sunday, February 28, 2010

17 and Ready for March whole month since I've updated. I'm sorry... :(

Reeeally quickly, here's breakfast, lunch, and dinner:

Breakfast - nothing! We went to Mass, then by the time we got back we had to leave to meet Keaghan and Ms. Kimberly to pick up some papers I'd left at their house, then we visited with our elderly neighbor who was the sweetest, spirited lady ever, and then, we ran to the grocery store.

Soooo...I ended up eating LUNCH closer to 1:00/2:00,which was: a mini cinnamon raisin Pepperridge Farm bagel toasted and spread with hummus, with a bit of cantaloupe of the side, a sandwich thin w/ tuna(which had some Olive Oil mayo in it), and of course, more hummus . ;) My mom had made the tuna so I had some.

Before I ate all that however, and after we got back from the grocery store, my mom ran to Sonic to get a drink and I hopped in the car with her. She asked if I wanted anything. Well, my eye had been caught by the sign that said "New frozen yogurt", so I asked if I could try that. She said yes (hooray!), so I got a 6 oz. dish - which was the perfect size - topped with banana and granola. Holy moly!! It was sooo good!! Yum!! I nearly fell out of my seat, that's how good it was. :D Definitely going to have that again! Even my mom liked it.

Dinner was cheese and chicken enchiladas w/ refried beans, Mexican rice, and a bit of salad on the side. Weirdest thing ever though, my stomach was demanding food by 8:35, which is when we ate (we don't usually eat that late), so I was still starving! As in, my stomach was starting to scare me...that's how ravenous I was. I'm thinking it might have been a combination of not eating breakfast for the past two days - it wasn't by choice, I assure you! Plus, I had woken up at 8:30 (really tired last night), and didn't eat until 1:30, so....

But anyway, I had a little yogurt with granola and ab & pb. Nope. NOT ENOUGH. I was still hungry! I threw together a bigger bowl of yogurt and attacked it like I hadn't eaten for three days! I went after that bowl like nobody's business. Finally, the beast has been appeased...I think! Lol...

*yawn* And now to classes tomorrow as I'm recovering from being sick, but I am feeling better. My mom still won't let me go though. *heads off to the medicine cabinet* G'night! Pics hopefully tomorrow, if I can get my camera hooked up!

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