Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning...

GOOD morning!

*beams* Oh, yes, it's a loverly, splendiferlously morning! Add to that that I'm as happy as a bird and could trill away, and you have one very bubby Raewyn. ;)

WE MADE IT ON OUR MORNING WALK TODAY!!! I'm SOOO estatic about it and just about bouncing off the walls that we didn't sleep in and actually woke up at 4:40 again! Sweet routine, we are back. :) I was thinking about all that yesterday and realized that for myself personally, I NEED to exercise everyday (by this I mean a brisk walk/stroll) or I just don't feel as good or productive as opposed to when I do.

Anyhoo, just wanted to share that wee bit with y'all. :) Breakfast (before 6:25 - YES! Back in the swing of things) was ooooats! Yum...really. I covered it with cinnamon, apples, banana slices, and a whopping spoonful of beloved peanut butter. HEAVEN! I seriously see me eating this for breakfast at least twice a week!

We went grocery shopping yesterday so the house is full again! Some plans for the rest of the day:
shoot Keaghan a e-mail :)
probably go work at the store (massive orders today)
go for another walk - I hope!
And of course, eat at some point.

Cheerio, darlings!

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