Sunday, September 6, 2009

Welcome to Good Eatings!

Hello, everyone! This, quite simply put, is a second little blog of mine where I am going to share all my meals with you! I am doing so, after being inspired by Cristin Dillion-Jones, a registered dietian who blogs everything she eats for SELF magazine. She posts all of her meals with pictures and a short post about what she's eaten, her day and the exercise she's gotten in.

I stumbled upon Cristin's blog a few months ago, on and was so taken with the idea of documenting everything you eat by taking a picture, that I have been doing so for a few weeks. I've tried and failed before to keep a food diary...this however seems to work much better, and it's so much easier! All I do is borrow my mom's iPhone and click, the picture's been taken, my meal is captured (on film, that is ;)) and I can look back at it anytime I want.

I'm going to be posting pictures of everything (well, nearly - there might be a few instances where I won't have the camera, etc.) that I eat. I've found that it's helped immensely...when you realize you'll have to take a picture and have photogenic evidence, those M&Ms aren't quite as tempting. It's also so encouraging to look back and see if you've been eating does wonders for self-confidence and pride in yourself. :) So here I go, off on this new adventure, with the hopes that you all will enjoy yourself...and who knows? Maybe one of you will be inspired just as I was. See you in the morning!

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